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This is Humoto - a software framework for manipulation of linear least-squares problems with (in)equality constraints. It supports both weighting and lexicographic prioritization and can be characterized as a tool for goal programming. However, the development was driven by works in other fields - robotics, control, and numerical optimization; for this reason our terminology and interpretations are different.

The core functionalities of Humoto are formulation of least-squares problems and their resolution with the help of various third-party software using uniform programming interfaces. However, due to our interest in robotic applications, the framework also facilitates formulation and implementation of optimization problems for control of robots, in particular, model predictive control problems. For the same reason, we pay special attention to computational performance in order to be able to employ the framework in real-time scenarios.

In addition to the core components, the distribution of Humoto includes several modules - implementations of specific controllers. The modules serve as examples of using the framework, but can also be used in accordance with their primary purpose.

Accessing Humoto

Humoto is distributed under the terms of Apache 2.0 license, see LICENSE for more information. All files are covered by the same license except those which were borrowed from other projects as indicated in file.

The source code can be obtained using git:

Learning Humoto

The framework is distributed with two kinds of documentation:

Precompiled documentation is available at

The first step is to read the introductory chapter of LaTeX documentation, then, depending on your interests, you may

  1. learn about
  2. use one of the provided modules
  3. modify the core or a module
  4. implement your own module
  5. develop a controller for a robot using Humoto


What are the existing applications of this framework?

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